Berwyn Ave, Takanini

Berwyn Ave is a medium density private development consisting of mid-century styled homes and apartments achieving both a LifeMark 5* and a Homestar 6 rating. The design intent came from Louis Khan to showcase the use of raw materials: brick, metal and concrete, requiring minimal long-term maintenance.

Subtle features mean that four of the units meet the LifeMark 5* rating system allowing the occupants to live independently and safely irrespective of physical ability. Many of these features, including the removal of trip hazards, easy open doors and cupboards, have been continued through all units.

All units achieve a Homestar 6 rating, providing easier-living homes for all occupants in safety, energy use, and in the choice of materials. Significant landscaping has been incorporated using an ecologically responsible approach to link the homes together and merge the development’s community and the wider area. Trees and shrubs native to the region have been used to maintain local biodiversity. Separate outstanding companies were carefully selected to deliver the development.

In the course of the design and construction, natural tensions between the expert work teams was leveraged allowing the meeting of urban planning, design, affordability, endurance, quality, and sustainability resulting in stand-out, enduring homes that are easy to live in.

This project is currently under construction and due for completion in December 2021.


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