Hunters Park Drive, Three Kings

Hunters Park Drive, Three Kings

Providence on Eden comprises 18 blocks with a total of 92 units. The development is experiencing weathertightness issues and requires roofing, structural, and cladding repairs. To minimise disruption to on-site residents, the project is being delivered in 18 stages (2-3 blocks at a time) over a span of 3 years, with completion due at the end of 2024.

PJM are engaged as the client-side Project Manager and Engineer to Contract. Our role includes overseeing design management, building consents, staged contract letting, payment valuation, cost control, construction observation, defect management, project team coordination, and regular reporting to the body corporate and unit owners.

Key services we provide:

Stakeholder Management: Acting as the primary liaison between the body corporate, contractor, design consultants, and other stakeholders. We provide weekly updates and monthly PCG reports.

Financial Management: Overseeing the project budget, monitoring project costs, and managing cost variations.

Quality Assurance: Monitoring contract-defined quality benchmarks through frequent site visits and interactions with the council, contractor, and consultants.

Risk Management: Establishing the project risk register and collaborating with the project team on risk mitigation strategies.

Time Management: Preparing the master programme and regularly updating for adherence to milestone deliverables.

Construction Monitoring: Conducting regular site visits to ensure compliance with design, quality standards, and crucial milestones.

Change Management: Managing the impact and extent of project scope, programme, and budget changes on behalf of the body corporate.


Other Projects

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