Imperial Gardens Apartments

Imperial Gardens Apartments

Imperial Gardens is a 13-level residential apartment complex comprised of 275 residential units, 2 basement levels, and 2 commercial units. The remediation works undertaken included:

Podium – Replacement of the existing screed with a new Neuchatel membrane, raised tiles, decking, and an integration of artificial turf over the decking.

Cladding – Removal of the existing ACM cladding and joinery, followed by the installation of a new curtain walling system, ACM cladding, and modern aluminium joinery.

Roof – Replacement of the old membrane with a new Neuchatel membrane.

Fire – Updating passive fire and stopping works to the current Building Code, extending sprinklers, emergency lighting, and installing new enlarged fire doors throughout.

Spanning a construction period of 2 years, PJM provided expert project management and contract administration services, overseeing project timelines and managing contractual obligations to ensure compliance and mitigate risks.


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