Stancombe Rd Remediation

Stancombe Rd Remediation:

Stancombe Rd involves the re-cladding and passive fire upgrades for a residential complex housing 47 units across three blocks.

PJM was commissioned to deliver Project Management and Engineer-to-Contract services. Our responsibilities encompassed planning, cost control, team coordination, risk management, scope oversight, and communication with stakeholders including the body corporate, owners, occupants, consultants, and construction teams.

Council-driven alterations during the construction phase presented challenges for this project. PJM's central role included liaising with the council, seeking expertise from specialists, and valuing extra costs and time-related claims with the contractor.

Beyond addressing leaks and structural issues, the project team added value by:

• Staging block and basement work to minimise vacancy periods, thereby reducing costs and inconvenience for owners.

• Establishing safe access and safety protocols in a partially occupied complex, ensuring minimal resident disruption during construction.

• Upgrading structures to meet the latest NZ Building Code and Healthy Homes Standards, enhancing safety and comfort.

• Improving architectural aesthetics while prioritising robust water ingress protection.

• Facilitating optional unit refurbishments and owner upgrades.


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